Moses on a Snail

od Robert Pollard - Sprzedaje Dodax
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Robert Pollard Moses on a Snail
Robert Pollard - Moses on a Snail

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Dostawa: między 2020-12-11 a 2020-12-15
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Lista utworów

CD 1


Weekly Crow (03:35) Robert Pollard


Constant Strangle (02:55) Robert Pollard


Arrows and Balloons (02:23) Robert Pollard


Lie Like a Dog (03:01) Robert Pollard


Ice Cold War (03:11) Robert Pollard


Each Is Good in His Own House (03:53) Robert Pollard


How I've Been in Trouble (02:28) Robert Pollard


It's News (01:51) Robert Pollard


It's a Pleasure Being You (03:00) Robert Pollard


Big Time Wrestling (02:33) Robert Pollard


Teardrop Paintballs (01:53) Robert Pollard


Moses on a Snail (05:18) Robert Pollard


The quality of Robert Pollard's post-Guided by Voices output has been variable, but his stylistic approach has been quite consistent, best summed up by the axiom "Like GBV, But Not as Good." Pollard's solo work has been dominated by the same kind of short, hooky explosions of pop songcraft that were his earlier band's stock in trade, but without the same degree of energy and a more sterile studio approach, with Pollard and Todd Tobias handling everything themselves (the interaction between Pollard and his bandmates seemingly had more to do with the strength of GBV's best albums than anyone imagined at the time). But on 2010's Moses on a Snail, Pollard shifts gears for the first time in a while -- it's not been uncommon for a few slower tunes to pop up on his albums, suggesting Pollard's fondness for the more melodic avenues of progressive rock and art rock, and on Moses on a Snail, he lets this side of his music come to the forefront and dominate the song list. Pollard aims for a grander and more contemplative sound on Moses on a Snail, and he seems willing to acknowledge his age, with these songs better suited to his voice (still in good shape, but a bit rougher and lower than it once was), as well as revealing some deeper lyrical concerns (still cryptic, but "How I've Been in Trouble," "It's a Pleasure Being You," and the title song certainly sound weightier and less playful than, say, "Echoes Myron" or "Glad Girls"). This isn't the best of Pollard's solo efforts to date, but it reflects an admirable effort to move past the sound and approach he's been working with since the early '90s, and it's more compatible with his current working methods. As fate would have it, Moses on a Snail was released not long after Pollard announced that Guided by Voices would be re-forming for a short reunion tour; it's anyone's guess how revisiting his past will impact his new music, but this album at least makes it seem like he's pondering the difference between the two stages of his career, which is a big step in the right direction. ~ Mark Deming


Artysta Robert Pollard

Label Guided by Voices, Inc.

Szczegóły produktu

DUIN 14IML51815S

GTIN 0655035081120

Data premiery rynkowej 22.06.2010

Product type CD

Liczba utworów 12

64,28 zł
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