Collectable King Crimson, Vol. 4

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King Crimson Collectable King Crimson, Vol. 4
King Crimson - Collectable King Crimson, Vol. 4

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71,14 zł zawiera VAT
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Dostawa: między 2020-12-08 a 2020-12-10
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Lista utworów

CD 1


ProzaKc Blues (06:09) King Crimson


The Construction Of Light (08:43) King Crimson


The World's My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum (07:42) King Crimson


Improv - Warsaw (12:35) King Crimson


Dinosaur (05:27) King Crimson


One Time (05:52) King Crimson


VROOOM (04:46) King Crimson


Cage (05:27) King Crimson

CD 2


Into the Frying Pan (06:40) King Crimson


Larks' Tongues In Aspic [Part 4] (13:54) King Crimson


Three of a Perfect Pair (04:01) King Crimson


The Deception of the Thrush (10:17) King Crimson


Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream (07:12) King Crimson


Heroes (07:17) King Crimson


The Collectable King Crimson, Vol. 4 (2009) contains the second of two shows in Warsaw, Poland during the band's Eastern and Western European excursion. The 21st century double-duo incarnation of Krim consisted of Adrian Belew (guitar/vocals), Robert Fripp (guitar/soundscapes), Trey Gunn (touch guitar/ashbory bass/talker), and Pat Mastelotto (electronic drumming) who were collectively embarking upon the first round of shows that King Crimson had performed since the mid-'90s double-trio lineup. After the extended aggregate disbanded in the spring of 1997, the greater unit split into a variety of sub-groups (ProjeKcts) and when the smoke cleared, it was Belew, Fripp, Gunn, and Mastelotto left to pick up the pieces. The resulting album, ConstruKCtion of Light (2001), was a step toward what would eventually coalesce more definitively on their follow-up, Power to Believe (2003). Their set ranged little from stop to stop and Collectable King Crimson, Vol. 4 (2009) is an apt reflection of the quartet as they unleashed selections from the recently released ConstruKCtion of Light as well as a smattering of tracks dating as far back as 1982's "Three of a Perfect Pair" -- which is given an authoritative acoustic rendering from Belew after inquiring whether the audience has "any requests." Of the newer material, the dry humor-laden grunge rocker "Into the Frying Pan" and the instrumentals "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 4" and ProjeKct Four's "Deception of the Thrush" are flawlessly rendered, with the free-form "Improv: Warsaw" being the most inspired outing of the evening in question. There are other moments that come close, including a haunting and mesmerizing "One Time." They close with a cover of David Bowie's "Heroes," which is actually not as surprising as it might initially seem since Fripp had contributed the searing lead guitar to the original 1977 studio recording. In terms of fidelity, the audio quality gets top-shelf consideration thanks to a soundboard/mixing desk source tape. ~ Lindsay Planer


Artysta King Crimson

Label DGM/Inner Knot

Label Inner Knot

Label DGM

Szczegóły produktu


GTIN 0633367500823

Data premiery rynkowej 29.04.2009

Liczba dysków 2

Product type CD

Liczba utworów 14

71,14 zł
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