Normal and Malignant Cell Growth

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Springer Berlin Normal and Malignant Cell Growth
Springer Berlin - Normal and Malignant Cell Growth

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This volume presents the Proceedings of the University of Chicago's third Cancer Training Grant supported Teaching Symposium. This Symposium received much of its support from grant number T12 CA 08077-02. Most of the planning of the Symposium and most of the local editing of the Proceedings was carried out by Dr. R. J. Michael Fry of the A.E.C. Argonne National Laboratory and by two members of the Advisory Committee of the Cancer Training Grant, Drs. Melvin Griem and Werner Kirsten. They carried the main responsibility for the Symposium. The subject of the Symposium, "Normal and Malignant Cell Growth," was chosen because, as the Proceedings reflect, it is a rapidly advancing field of endeavor which is of utmost importance to the understanding of the processes of malignant neoplasia. In fact, there is increasing evidence that knowledge of the kinetics of the cancer cell will greatly influence approaches to cancer therapy. Like the first two of these Teaching Symposia held in 1964 and 1966, this one attracted about 400 students and staff from this medical institution as well as from other medical centers in the Chicago area. The effective interplay of an excellent group of scientists with a lively and responsive audience was evident as they considered together a topic of great current interest in the field of neoplasia. Much of the credit for the smooth organization and implementation of the Symposium must go to Mrs.

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XVI, 236 p. 14 illus.
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Normal Cell Kinetics.- General Introduction.- Proliferative Capacity of Hemopoietic Stem Cells.- Discussion: Colony Forming Units in the Bone Marrow of Partial Body Irradiated Mice.- Cellular Proliferation in the Liver.- Discussion: Cellular Proliferation in the Liver.- Cell Proliferation in the Intestinal Epithelium.- Discussion: Proliferation of Gastrointestinal Cells.- General Discussion.- Normal Cell Kinetics (cont.).- Proliferation of Antibody Forming Cells.- Discussion: Proliferation of Antibody Forming Cells.- Composition of Cell Life Cycle.- Discussion: Methods and Criteria of Mammalian Cell Synchrony.- Susceptibility of Intestinal Crypt Epithelium to Hydroxyurea and Other Antitumor Agents.- Discussion: Mammalian Cell Killing by Inhibitors of DNA Synthesis.- Proliferation of Cancer Cells.- General Introduction: The Growth of Tumor Cells under Normal and Fasting Conditions.- Cell Proliferation during Carcinogenesis.- Comparison Between the Rates of Proliferation of Induced Malignancies and Their Normal Tissues of Origin.- The Use of Three-Dimensional Matrix Tissue Culture for Bioassay of Cancer: A Progress Report.- Discussion: The Use of Three-Dimensional Matrix Tissue Culture for Bioassay of Cancer.- Importance of the Non-Dividing Leukemia Cell.- Discussion: Magnitude of Proliferating Fraction and Rate of Proliferation of Populations of Leukemic Cells in Man.- Incorporation of Iodine-Labeled 5-Iodo-2?-Deoxyuridine into DNA of Mouse Mammary Tumors.- In Vivo Cell Kinetics of Human Cancers.- Summary.- Round-Table Discussion.
Fry, R.J.;Fry
Griem, M. L.;Griem
Kirsten, W. H.;Kirsten
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Springer Berlin
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1969
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Symposium on Normal and Malignant Cell Growth, The University of Chicago School of Medicine, February 24th and 25th, 1968

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