Contribution of Development Projects on Morality

od Uwimana, Eugene
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Uwimana, Eugene Contribution of Development Projects on Morality
Uwimana, Eugene - Contribution of Development Projects on Morality

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215,28 zł zawiera VAT
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215,28 zł zawiera VAT
Stan: Nowy
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Dostawa: między poniedziałek, 11 lipca 2022 a środa, 13 lipca 2022
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Vulnerable groups of people encounter barriers to happiness. It is crucial to support those special groups but targeting also to raise their moral aspect. Is it true that there is a relationship between the level of morality and the level of financial stability? Yes when other factors are considered and kept stable. People with no means to satisfy basic needs are easily attempted to corruption, to prostitution, and other crimes. Does poverty is the main factor behind the low level of morality? Yes because the moral aspect dies with the hope of not surviving tomorrow. Development projects as one of the solutions to poverty are there to support vulnerable groups most importantly financially. The target groups for this research are Rwandan returnees that returned from exile after Rwandan Genocide perpetrated against Tusti in 1994. The government of Rwanda in its effort to sustainably reintegrate Rwandan Returnees, launched a project for their assistance. The content of this book shows how much the stability in terms of livelihood raises the moral aspect of target groups.


Uwimana, Eugene

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Eugene Uwimana is a Rwandan with MBA in Project Management obtained in 2013. In September 2011, he joined the Department of Geology and Mines at Rwanda Natural Resources Authority. He has been a lecturer at MIP and World-wide E-learning Campus. Since December 2014, he is working for the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees.
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