An Evaluation of Financial Practices in investment decision making

od Qureshi, Abdul Hafeez
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Qureshi, Abdul Hafeez An Evaluation of Financial Practices in investment decision making
Qureshi, Abdul Hafeez - An Evaluation of Financial Practices in investment decision making

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The study is rooted with the existing decision-making theory and the literature of the corporate sector of Pakistan. It is widely recognized, financial decision-making analysis has not been widely used as a predictor of its conception organization. The rationale is that the latest studies have revealed that the employment of investment decision-analysis practices and notions, in fact, can facilitate individuals or organizations to fulfill their goals. First, the study identified the investment decision-making in Pakistan's corporate sector, decision analysis techniques, resulting in a description of the current capability. Finally, the use of statistical analysis provides evidence that specific investment decision-making practices and associated measures implementation across the firms and standardization of specific procedures, which can result better investment decision-making practices, are the need of today to improve the overall situations of financial firms. This helps not simply to recent theoretical debates within business sector and decision-making theory literature, although practitioners to provide important insights.


Qureshi, Abdul Hafeez

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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Abdul Hafeez Qureshi has taught in various reputed universities in Pakistan and currenty associated with Al-Borj Machinery (Accountant) & Edexel training institute (Teacher) in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Author's research has been accepted and published in numerous International journals and conferences.Authour has vast eexperience in research.
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