Reshaping the Future of Organizational Learning

od Abrhiem, Talil
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Abrhiem, Talil Reshaping the Future of Organizational Learning
Abrhiem, Talil - Reshaping the Future of Organizational Learning

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Culture is critically vital as you begin to integrate the acquired corporation into your own. Once you are changing the working dynamics and culture of an organization, it's all about doing this in the right way that is the most beneficial. The urgency of globalization requires people decisions to become more challenging. The demand for talented employees is high and the supply is limited, which means soon countries will be struggling for talented people. For that reason, both organizational and professional success is important when making great people decisions. Many believe a company's success stems from a great strategy, impeccable marketing, and flawless operations, but researchers have recently learned that people are the primary drivers of success. It's also important to consider that a flourishing company in today's economy heavily relies on human assets. This book will reshape managers (District, Regional, and Executive) vision to differentiate a product by innovation; excellent customer's that give the company a competitive advantage over its rivals.


Abrhiem, Talil

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I hold a Ph.D. in Organization and Management Technology with a specialization in Human Resource Management from Capella University and along with that, I received a Master of Science in administration (MSA) degree from Central Michigan University.
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