Max Weber and Contemporary Capitalism

od N. Gane
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N. Gane Max Weber and Contemporary Capitalism
N. Gane - Max Weber and Contemporary Capitalism

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This book explores the uses and limits of Max Weber's work for thinking sociologically about capitalism today. The books argues that through Weber, a network of concepts can be developed that can frame a sociological analysis of the present.


N. Gane

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VIII, 153 p.
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Acknowledgements Introduction Method Capitalism Markets Neoliberalism Class Modernity Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index
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Palgrave Macmillan UK
NICHOLAS GANE is Reader in Sociology at the University of York, UK. His previous publications include Max Weber and Postmodern Theory, The Future of Social Theory and New Media: The Key Concepts (with David Beer).

"Nick Gane has established a strong reputation as a commentator on social theory and, in particular, on Max Weber. He starts his present book by making clear that his aim was not simply to write another book on Weber. ... It certainly provides us with many insights into certain contemporary theories and guidance for using these theories to understand aspects of contemporary capitalism." (John Scott, Max Weber Studies, Vol. 15 (2), December, 2015)

'Social Theory has long needed texts which do not merely rehearse the arguments of the major founding figures, but also address the question of how to theoretically grasp our present circumstances. Nicholas Gane's shows how the various strands of contemporary capitalism work, while at the same time deepening our understanding of Max Weber's influential theoretical agenda. He accomplishes this dual focus with clarity, intelligence and insight. This important book asks all the right questions.' - Mike Featherstone, Professor and Director of the Theory, Culture and Society Centre, Nottingham Trent University, UK and Editor-in-Chief of Theory, Culture & Society and Body & Society

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