Franzis Verlag Getting Started with Smart Home Programming - Do It Easy

od Udo Brandes
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Udo Brandes Franzis Verlag Getting Started with Smart Home Programming - Do It Easy
Udo Brandes - Franzis Verlag Getting Started with Smart Home Programming - Do It Easy

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The book is aimed at anyone who is looking for entry into home automation with smart home programming. The central tool that connects a wide variety of smart home devices to web services and programming interfaces is Node-RED. How this works is explained in detail by means of practical examples.
Entry into home automation with Node-RED
With this book, you will soon be able to develop little helpers to support yourself in everyday life - without having to torment yourself by brittle matter for nerds and computer geeks. In this sense, the book is the pioneer and inspiration for own, successful smart home solutions under the umbrella of the "Internet of Things".
Programming knowledge and experience in software installation are not required as each step in the realization of a project is described in detail and visually backed up with screenshots.
Starting from the industrial sector, these approaches are increasingly being used in the private sector as well. Keywords here are smart home or wearables. Ever smaller computers embedded in objects should serve to support the owner in everyday life, to network him with any electronic systems and interconnect the systems.
Why Node-RED?
Node-RED is based on the programming language Node.js and has gained in popularity within a short time. It is one of the top tools for the Internet of Things.
The basic idea of ​​Node-RED is to make predefined code blocks (nodes) usable for executing tasks. The nodes are then connected together, creating a line from input node to processing node to output node. Such a structure is called "flow". Small, manageable flow examples introduce you gently into the new matter.
This book is about:
- Node-RED for Use 
- Browser access and entries in the Node-RED Editor 
- Messages as a link 
- flows with enhanced functionality 
- Weather with audio announcement 
- timers control 
- Motion alarm with the Raspberry Pi 
- With Alexa communicate 
- 433 MHz Switch devices
- Control radio-controlled sockets
- Have Node-RED speak to the USB interface 
- Web connection and network termination 
- Program ESP8266 and ESP32 
- MQTT connects 
- Heating control for the bathroom 
- Ping in home automation 
- Alternative home automation solutions


Udo Brandes

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