Behavioral Sport Psychology - Evidence-Based Approaches to Performance Enhancement

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Springer US Behavioral Sport Psychology - Evidence-Based Approaches to Performance Enhancement
Springer US - Behavioral Sport Psychology - Evidence-Based Approaches to Performance Enhancement
Springer US - Behavioral Sport Psychology - Evidence-Based Approaches to Performance Enhancement

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Sport psychology is a topic of growing interest. Many professionals read journals such as The
International Journal of Sports, Journal of Sport Behavior, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology,
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, and The Sport Psychologist. In August 2008, Monitor on
Psychology, the monthly publication of the American Psychological Association (APA), featured a
special issue on sport psychology. Indeed, Division 47 of APA is devoted to "the scientific, educational,
and clinical foundations of exercise and sport psychology." The North American Society for the
Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA) and the Association for the Advancement of
Applied Sport Psychology (AAASP) convene conferences each year to present scientific findings and
new developments in a rapidly expanding field. The AAASP and other organizations also qualify
professionals as certified sport and exercise psychology consultants. Finally, a visit to any bookstore
will reveal the lay public’s fascination with sports, as revealed in numerous self-help books and guides
to perfecting athletic performance.
Behavioral psychologists have studied sport psychology for more than three decades (Martin,
Thompson, & Regehr, 2004). Applied behavior analysis (ABA), in particular, has been an instrumental
approach to behavioral coaching in many sports, including baseball (Osborne, Rudrud, & Zezoney,
1990), basketball (Pates, Cummings, & Maynard, 2002), figure skating (Ming & Martin, 1996), football
(Ward & Carnes, 2002), golf (Pates, Oliver, & Maynard, 2001), ice hockey (Rogerson & Hrycaiko,
2002), soccer (Brobst & Ward, 2002), swimming (Hume & Crossman, 1992), and tennis (Allison &
Ayllon, 1980). ABA stresses the application of learning theory principles, objective measurement of
athletic skills, controlled outcome evaluation, and socially significant behavior-change. Cognitive
behavior therapy, or CBT, also has been a dominant approach to psychological intervention in sports
(Meyers, Whelan, & Murphy, 1996; Weinberg & Comar, 1994). CBT addresses athletic performance
through cognitive-change methods combined with behavioral practice and environmental modifications.
The purpose of the book described in this proposal is to compile the most recent experimental and
applied research in behavioral sport psychology. Several journal articles have reviewed critical
dimensions of behavioral sport psychology (Martin et al., 2004; Martin, Vause, & Schwartzman, 2005)
but no book has covered the topic with an emphasis on ABA and CBT methodology and practice.
Accordingly, Behavioral Sport Psychology: Evidence-Based Approaches to Performance Enhancement
is a first of its kind volume.

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Adnotacja do ilustracji:
XII, 272 p.
Spis treści:
Preface.- Introduction.- Overview of Behavioral Sport Psychology.- Assessment and Measurement.-
Measurement of Physical Activity.- Quantitative Analysis.- Single-Case Evaluation of Behavioral
Coaching Interventions.- Cognitive Assessment in Behavioral Sport Psychology.- Performance
Enhancement.- Goal Setting and Performance Feedback.- Positive Reinforcement and Incentive
Systems.- Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies.- Increasing and Maintaining Physical Exercise.- Behavioral
Momentum.- Special Topics.- Behavioral Consultation in Coaching.- Brain Injury Prevention.-
Supporting Youth Participation in Sports.- Behavioral Effects of Sport Nutritional Supplements: Fact or
Fiction?.- Behavioral Sport Psychology with Elite Athletes.
Luiselli, James K.;Luiselli
Reed, Derek D.;Reed
Combines experimental and applied research

Emphasizes Applied Behavior Analysis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches

Describes specific training methods for athletes Includes overviews of behavioral consultation and coaching

Includes supplementary material:

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Springer US

From the reviews:

"Luiselli and Reed provide a thorough review of the more significant areas of behavioral sport psychology. The chapters are written by recognized experts in the field and provide readers with the most current thinking and research. ... the book was written for an academic audience, practicing psychologists, and readers with an interest in athletics. ... would be appropriate for less experienced readers, including those with a general interest in athletics. Overall, this book provides something of interest to most readers. Summing Up: Recommended. All levels." (L. J. Burton, Choice, Vol. 49 (6), February, 2012)
Liczba stron:
With an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this book compiles the most recent experimental and applied research in behavioral sport psychology and is the first to do so with a focus on these two key approaches.

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