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Herman Webster Mudgett, better known under the alias of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, was an American serial killer. Holmes opened a hotel in Chicago for the 1893 World's Fair, which he built himself and was the location of many of his murders. While he confessed to 27 murders, of which nine were confirmed, his actual body count could be higher. The case was notorious in its time and received wide publicity via a series of articles in William Randolph Hearst's newspapers. Interest in Holmes' crimes was revived in 2003 by Erik Larson's The Devil in the White City, a best-selling non-fiction book that juxtaposed an account of the planning and staging of the World's Fair with Holmes' story. Mudgett was born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. He was the son of Levi Horton Mudgett and Theodate Page Price. The family was descended from among the first settlers to the area. His father was a strict disciplinarian, and Mudgett was often bullied as a child. He claimed that, as a child, schoolmates forced him to view and touch a human skeleton after discovering his fear of the local doctor's office. The bullies initially brought him there to scare him, but instead he was utterly fascinated.

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