Athens Elegies - A Poet's Lament

od Z J Galos
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Z J Galos Athens Elegies - A Poet's Lament
Z J Galos - Athens Elegies - A Poet's Lament

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59,26 zł zawiera VAT
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The second time the Poet visits his Muse in Athens, having not seen her for over seven months, he experiences a familiar atmosphere arriving at dusk from an all-night flight, and his senses quickly adapt to his spiritual home. With the known sites and vistas during the drive towards the city centre, the first view of the Acropolis excites his being, his 'white marbled knight', as he calls the Parthenon temple. with great expectations he awaits t meet his Muse, one he has looked after his spouse to be comfortable in their room with a view of the 'Sacred Rock'. He'll divide his time between the two women he loves. He has sixteen days to experience his unusual love
of Muse and the city.
Meeting his Muse for the next days will be his great experience in love and yet their love will become bitter-sweet due to Anna's terminal illness, he knew nothing about.
But son their meetings sparkle with intense sexual tension and they love as if every day would be their last one given to them.
While Anna cares for his physical and spiritual needs, he'll write his Journal Poetry, Anna has put him on to. Returning to their city hotel, he cares for his spouse's needs.
Between the heights of sweetened climaxes and the recurring difficulties with Anna's health and temporary depressions, he experiences an exhilarating flight, followed by a devastating free Icarian fall. Discussions render only philosophical aspects, but no acceptable solution. Will they manage to keep their stealthy love alive?


Z J Galos

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Z J Galos:
Born in Eastern Austria, close to the Hungarian border, he witnessed as a young man the horrors of a nation's suppression, erupting in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. He finished his education in art and architecture, married and sailed for the Cape of Africa.
meeting a varied facet of people and cultures, working as a draughtsman, an architect, and a coordinator of craftsmen and professionals, he made good use of his language skills and traveled throughout South Africa.
His vast collection of drawings and slides had been lost during a change of domiciles.
During a visit to Greece, he was accepted into a circle of artists and poets, who encouraged him to continue his art and a friend introduced him to the works of famous Greek poets.
In South Africa, he joined writing and poetry workshops of Writers Write. It was to open the floodgates of his creativity.
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