Your Upper Body, Your Yoga: Including Asymmetries & Proportions of the Whole Body

od Clark, Bernie
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Clark, Bernie Your Upper Body, Your Yoga: Including Asymmetries & Proportions of the Whole Body
Clark, Bernie - Your Upper Body, Your Yoga: Including Asymmetries & Proportions of the Whole Body

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This is the highly anticipated and eagerly awaited third book in the Your Body, Your Yoga trilogy Previous books in the series have sold over 35,000 copies The field is Yoga and the topic is Anatomy The author, Bernie Clark, is a recognized and well known senior yoga teacher and the author of the best selling book The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga Over 20 million people in the USA are doing yoga (statistic from 2012) and this is growing 6%/ year Yoga teaching is rated as one of the top 10 careers by CNN/Money Yoga teachers have minimal training in anatomy The book is written specifically for yoga teachers and experienced students and will be used in yoga teacher training programs around the world


Clark, Bernie

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Bernie Clark loves learning about and then sharing the things that fascinate him. As a child, he enjoyed studying the world and how it works, and as a teen, he loved thinking about the mind and the soul. The seemingly contradictory interests in science and spirituality continued to shape his philosophy of life well into his adult years. With one foot in the commercial world of space and computer technologies and another in the realm of meditation and yoga, he sought bridges between Eastern and Western maps of reality. These maps and bridges are described in his teachings and writings with the hope that others who share his fascinations will be able to enjoy what he has learned, without having to go through the labor of detailed research.Bernie has a degree in science and spent 30 years as a senior executive in the high-tech/space industry. He embarked upon meditation in the 1970s and began teaching yoga in the 1990s. He conducts yoga teacher trainings several times a year in Vancouver, Canada. To stay informed of Bernie's activities, visit his website,, where you can subscribe to his Yinsights newsletter.
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