Gentrification around the World, Volume II - Innovative Approaches

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Springer International Publishing Gentrification around the World, Volume II - Innovative Approaches
Springer International Publishing - Gentrification around the World, Volume II - Innovative Approaches

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Bringing together scholarly but readable essays on the process of gentrification, this two-volume collection addresses the broad question: In what ways does gentrification affect cities, neighborhoods, and the everyday experiences of ordinary people? In this second volume of Gentrification around the World, contributors contemplate different ways of thinking about gentrification and displacement in the abstract and “on-the-ground.” Chapters examine, among other topics, social class, development, im/migration, housing, race relations, political economy, power dynamics, inequality, displacement, social segregation, homogenization, urban policy, planning, and design. The qualitative methodologies used in each chapter—which emphasize ethnographic, participatory, and visual approaches that interrogate the representation of gentrification in the arts, film, and other mass media—are themselves a unique and pioneering way of studying gentrification and its consequences worldwide.

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XXIII, 319 p. 36 illus., 29 illus. in color.
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Chapter 1.  Introduction

Global North

North America

 Chapter 2.  Life on the Algorithmic Estate: The Neo-Feudal Logic of Corporate Sovereignty

Chapter 3. New Business in the Old Neighborhood: Young Polish Shopkeepers’ Responses to Commercial Gentrification in Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Chapter 4. Social transformation and urban regeneration in the context of a mid-sized city: three interpretations on the phenomenon of gentrification in the historic centre of A Coruña (Spain)

Chapter 5. Shimmering Surfaces, Toxic Atmospheres, Incendiary Miracles: Public Housing and the Aesthetics of Re-valorisation in Salford UK

Chapter 6. The anti-displacement urban social movements in Lisbon: a perspective from the trenches of the fight against transnational gentrification

Chapter 7. The Politics of Visibility: Gentrification and Immigration in East London

Chapter 8. MyyrYork – rejuvenating a housing estate neighborhood for the next generation of residents

Global South


Chapter 9. Revanchist Kigali: Retro-Victorian Urbanism and the Gentrification of a 21st Century Metropolis

South America

Chapter 10. Tools for Citizen Participation in Segmented Societies. The Case of Barranco.

Chapter 11. Gentrification Processes in the City of Buenos Aires: New Features and Old Tendencies

South Asia

Chapter 12. Gentrification and Post-industrial Spatial Restructuring in Calcutta, India

Chapter 13. The Systemic Gentrification of Education in India:  A Media Case Study

Krase, Jerome;Krase
DeSena, Judith N.;DeSena
Provides readers across a range of disciplines with innovative, cutting-edge social-scientific and historical scholarship on global gentrification

Uses qualitative, ethnographic, and visual approaches to study gentrification in its various forms

Expands the study of gentrification outside of Western Europe and the USA

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Springer International Publishing
Jerome Krase is Emeritus and Murray Koppelman Professor at Brooklyn College, CUNY, USA. He has authored or edited several books on urban life, including Self and Community in the City (1982), Race and Ethnicity in New York City (2004), Ethnic Landscapes in an Urban World (2007), Seeing Cities Change (2012), Race, Class and Gentrification in Brooklyn (2016), and Diversity and Local Contexts: Urban Space, Borders and Migration (2017).
Judith N. DeSena is Professor of Sociology at St. John’s University, USA. She has authored Protecting One's Turf: Social Strategies for Maintaining Urban Neighborhoods (1990 and 2005), People Power: Grass Roots Politics and Race Relations (1999), Gentrification and Inequality in Brooklyn: The New Kids on the Block (2009) and, with co-author Jerome Krase, Race, Class, And Gentrification in Brooklyn (2016).


"Both volumes show that urban research is an indispensable source of ethnographic data precisely because it takes place in settings that are transformed, sometimes invisibly and sometimes clearly, and that these places act as mediators of social practice, a fact that in turn counteract through space and shape it. ... Krase and DeSena offer an excellent work, a springboard for knowledge and future research." (Manos Spyridakis, Urbanities-Journal of Urban Ethnography, Vol. 11 (1), May, 2021)

1st ed. 2020
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