Child Rights in India - Challenges and Social Action

od Geeta Chopra
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Geeta Chopra Child Rights in India - Challenges and Social Action
Geeta Chopra - Child Rights in India - Challenges and Social Action

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The book is a comprehensive compendium on child rights in India from a child development perspective. It discusses the challenges that Indian children face for survival, development and education, especially if they are marginalized through disability, lack of care, and poverty. The major issues expounded by the author in relation to rights are infant and child survival, early child development, street and working children, children in conflict with law, children with disabilities, child trafficking and child sexual abuse. The author goes further to delve into the causes, among which are high population, poverty, migration, illiteracy, poor legislation and deep-rooted social norms and behaviour. The book presents the existing policy and legal framework in India for each of these issues. The broad purpose of the book is to comprehensively discuss the roadblocks that the marginalized child in India faces, to understand the causes of these roadblocks and to evaluate government and civil society action for children in India.


Geeta Chopra

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XXIII, 238 p. 20 illus., 17 illus. in color.
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Chapter 1. Introduction to Child Rights.- Chapter 2. The Situation of the Child in India: Quest for Equity.- Chapter 3. Early Childhood Care and Education: Right to Survival and Development.- Chapter 4. Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances: Right to Protection and Participation.- Chapter 5. The Working and the Street Children: Where is the Child?.- Chapter 6. Children in Conflict with Law: The Child Offender.- Chapter 7. Child Abuse in India: The Battered Child.- Chapter 8. Child Trafficking: The Victimised Child.- Chapter 9. Children with Disabilities: The Invisible Child.

Focuses on child rights from a child development perspective and therefore goes beyond the legal viewpoint

Analyses both micro- and macro-level factors related to child rights in India

Situates the Indian situation in the context of global statutes and developmental indices

Includes supplementary material:

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Springer India
Geeta Chopra, PhD, is Associate Professor at the Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies, Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi. She has been teaching for almost 30 years. She is a keen researcher, Trainer and an involved academician. She has authored three guidebooks for community workers on Childhood Disability. She has also co-authored a book ‘Child Development: A Practical Manual’. She has been Principal Investigator for research projects which have received funding from government bodies and the World Bank. She is also guiding doctoral research. She is on various government bodies and academic institutes as an expert. Her major areas of interest include Child Rights, Childhood Disability, Early Childhood Care Education and Development.

Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2015
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