Sentinel in the Moors

od Burton, Shirley
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Burton, Shirley Sentinel in the Moors
Burton, Shirley - Sentinel in the Moors

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Gabe Farrow, an American recruited as an investigator for the British museum, becomes an undercover artisan in the North Sea fishing village of Staithes, in the Moors of Yorkshire. Under the guise of a newcomer, his mission is to intercept the theft of ancient Viking hoards buried beneath the dales, and recover the artifacts for the museum. As particles of a thousand year old longboat surface, the search zeroes in on finding a golden arrow of King Hardrada, considered buried in Roxby Beck.

Gabe becomes entwined in a complex relationship with a suspect, Jarvis Turner. Deceived by a smokescreen of pilfering in the moors' underground mines, he welcomes the help of a clever, village boy, wiser than his years. Young Troy becomes his guide and lookout man, and Gabe's interest grows toward a beautiful woman, who supports him in his mission.

A ruse by the thieves deters Gabe, and he resorts to strengths of the village, knowing the risks to those who have become close to him. Sentinel in the Moors is a mystery, inspired by a search for history, with twists and turns throughout. It's a test of the loyalty of an entire village, choosing the love of friends and family, and following what is right.

"Children see and hear things that most adults overlook."


Burton, Shirley

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Canadian author Shirley Burton has released her thirteenth novel, with extensive research and a versatile style applied in her thriller and suspense novels, her whodunit mystery books, feel-good Christmas stories, and her charming fantasy novel with an inspiring message of courage, and her acclaimed ten-generation historical fiction. Born in Barrie, Ontario, Shirley Burton has traveled to locations of the towns and cities of her books, walking the neighborhoods and streets of her characters. Her research took her to parts of France and Quebec for her 600-page historical fiction, Homage: Chronicles of a Habitant, portraying ten generations that migrated from France to the New World. For research for novels, she has traveled to locations in Istanbul, Paris, Rome, Greece, London, Amsterdam, Brazil, California, New York, and parts of Canada and the USA.
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