100 Tips to Avoid Mistakes in Academic Writing and Presenting

od Adrian Wallwork
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Adrian Wallwork 100 Tips to Avoid Mistakes in Academic Writing and Presenting
Adrian Wallwork - 100 Tips to Avoid Mistakes in Academic Writing and Presenting

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This book contains one hundred typical mistakes relating to papers, proposals, oral presentations, and correspondence with editors (e.g. journal submissions), reviewers (rebuttal letters), and editing agencies.

The book is primarily intended for non-native English speaking researchers. However, it is also useful for editing agencies in order to help new or inexperienced editors spot the kinds of mistakes they need to correct in order to ensure their clients successfully have their papers published. Each section of a paper is covered separately: titles and abstracts; introduction and literature review; methods, results and tables; discussion and conclusions.

Teachers of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) will learn which areas of writing and grammar to focus on including readability, word order, sentence length, paragraphing, ambiguity and punctuation. The last section in the book highlights the key areas where presenters make the most mistakes in terms of the use of English.

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Adrian Wallwork
Anna Southern

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13 Farbabb.
Prioritizes those mistakes that are likely to cause the most problems in terms of poor communication 
Focuses on modifications that increase readability and empathy for the reader

Focus on mistakes regarding general English rather than specifically academic English
Springer International Publishing

Adrian Wallwork is from Manchester (UK) but has spent most of his adult life in Italy. He has taught general and business English, along with academic English to international PhD students. He is the author and editor of the English for Academic Research series published by SpringerNature, along with several course books for OUP and CUP, six books for the BBC, Scholastic and BEP. His latest publications are a series of discussion resource books (https://tefldiscussions.com/). Adrian runs a scientific English editing agency (e4ac.com) with his wife Anna Southern.

Anna Southern has a BA Hons degree in French and Sociology, and postgraduate certificates in Development Studies, Public Health, and TEFL. She has worked as: a Project Manager for both the British Council and the United Nations, both in the UK and overseas; ii) a freelance researcher for Carlton Television and the charity Crisis; iii) a researcher and Project Manager for the British National Health Service. Her publication record includes four ESL books co-authored for the BBC, a photocopiable resource book co-authored for Scholastic, ten programme support guides for Carlton Television, two public reports for the charity Crisis, a community work guide for the National Health Service, a scientific paper for the International Journal of TB and Lung Disease, and a self-published novel entitled Not At Home.

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