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od Bright, Robin
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Bright, Robin Fact and Fiction
Bright, Robin - Fact and Fiction

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Onan on with Snow White: the never ending story. Fact and Fiction examines the blizzard, and wonders if they'll get the drift by the fourth storey. Can the church recover from its shriveling members? That '77 TV run, Logan's Run, about a killer who wasn't born in Logan airport's toilet, Boston, Massachusetts. Just run that by us again. Cigs cigs cigs, 'the number of a man is the number of the beast' (Rev: 13. 8), and no one may buy if he doesn't have the dragon's smoke, 'Surely, this was the snuff, God?' Fact and Fiction looks at soccer and examines the behavioralist perspective that the ball is a fertilizing sperm and the net is a girl, and rejects it for the more exciting theory that the balls are the girls' and the nets at either end are the ball snorting nostrils of the beast of Revelation. In the novel The Number Of The Beast by US' science fiction writer, Robert A. Heinlein (1980), two couples quarrel in the multiverse, where all possible worlds including those in fiction exist, and the enemy is 'the beast', a hermaphrodite. Bred as a single male brained creature wearing each other's clothes in TV transvestism for war, Fact and Fiction can understand why the TV's upset.


Bright, Robin

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Bright, Robin
The originator of SF Genie, New Lamps For Old, published by the all-digital Amateur Press Association, an e-APA, for commentaries on science fiction and related cultural issues.
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