Laurence, T: You Can Change Your Life

od Laurence, Tim
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Laurence, Tim Laurence, T: You Can Change Your Life
Laurence, Tim - Laurence, T: You Can Change Your Life

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'Hoffman is about a new start... It's like someone reaching in and flicking a switch inside you, turning you on.' Thandie Newton, Actress IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE BUT CAN'T SEEM TO LAUNCH YOURSELF OUT OF A RUT, THEN THIS BOOK IS ABOUT TO TRANSFORM YOU.Based on the pioneering technique of the Hoffman Process, You Can Change Your Life will help you identify and resolve the issues of your past that hold you back and limit the way you live and act now.It's highly effective programme of emotional healing shows you a new way of being so you can release your full potential in your relationships, career, and as a spiritual being. Offering no less than a complete transformation, it will allow you to see the bigger picture, find your true vision, and create the energy for change you've always wanted.'It can do in a week what may take months or years with some therapists. Studies have demonstrated that the Hoffman Process definitely works for anxiety and depression.' Oliver James, Clinical Psychologist and Author


Laurence, Tim

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Tim Laurence is founder of the Hoffman Institute UK and Director of Hoffman International, who organise the Hoffman Process in 14 countries. He spent much of his adult life in the US and taught at the University of California, Berkeley. He is now married to the actress Serena Gordon and has 2 young sons.
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