Semantics-Oriented Natural Language Processing - Mathematical Models and Algorithms

od Vladimir Fomichov A.
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Vladimir Fomichov A. Semantics-Oriented Natural Language Processing - Mathematical Models and Algorithms
Vladimir Fomichov A. - Semantics-Oriented Natural Language Processing - Mathematical Models and Algorithms
Vladimir Fomichov A. - Semantics-Oriented Natural Language Processing - Mathematical Models and Algorithms

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Gluecklich, die wissen, dass hinter allen Sprachen das Unsaegliche steht. Those are happy who know that behind all languages there is something unsaid Rainer Maria Rilke This book shows in a new way that a solution to a fundamental problem from one scienti?c ?eld can help to ?nd the solutions to important problems emerged in several other ?elds of science and technology. In modern science, the term “Natural Language” denotes the collection of all such languages that every language is used as a primary means of communication by people belonging to any country or any region. So Natural Language (NL) includes, in particular, the English, Russian, and German languages. The applied computer systems processing natural language printed or written texts (NL-texts) or oral speech with respect to the fact that the words are associated with some meanings are called semantics-oriented natural language processing s- tems (NLPSs). On one hand, this book is a snapshot of the current stage of a research p- gram started many years ago and called Integral Formal Semantics (IFS) of NL. The goal of this program has been to develop the formal models and methods he- ing to overcome the dif?culties of logical character associated with the engineering of semantics-oriented NLPSs. The designers of such systems of arbitrary kinds will ?nd in this book the formal means and algorithms being of great help in their work.


Vladimir Fomichov A.

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XXIII, 328 p.
Spis treści:
I A Comprehensive Mathematical Framework for the Development of Semantic Technologies.- Mathematical Models for Designing Natural Language Processing Systems as a New Field of Studies for Systems Science.- to Integral Formal Semantics of Natural Language.- A Mathematical Model for Describing a System of Primary Units of Conceptual Level Used by Applied Intelligent Systems.- A Mathematical Model for Describing Structured Meanings of Natural Language Sentences and Discourses.- A Study of the Expressive Possibilities of SK-Languages.- The Significance of a New Mathematical Model for Web Science, E-science, and E-commerce.- II FormalMethods and Algorithms for the Design of Semantics-Oriented Linguistic Processors.- A Mathematical Model of a Linguistic Database.- A New Method of Transforming Texts into Semantic Representations.- Algorithm of Building a Matrix Semantic-Syntactic Representation of a Natural Language Text.- An Algorithm of Semantic Representation Assembly.- Natural Language Processing Applications.
Substantially formal treatment of issues for designers of natural language processing systems

Presents an in-depth treatment of NL semantics and a mathematical model of a linguistics database

Extensive use of examples and illustrations to clarify complex material and demonstrate practical applications

End of chapter exercises, historical and bibliographical notes, and glossaries enrich the text

Includes supplementary material:

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From the reviews:

"The book is focused on two areas of research. First of all, it offers theoretical insights into a recent research program concerned with the development of formal models and methodologies ... . Second, and from a practical perspective, it puts forward efficient tools to develop semantic technologies ... . The book provides interesting theoretical and practical guidance for overcoming the problems associated with the design of semantics-oriented natural language processing systems in different real-world fields, being thus a valuable source for experienced researchers ... ." (Catalin Stoean, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1195, 2010)
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Exploring key issues in developing semantics-oriented natural language processing systems, this book describes structured meanings of NL-texts by defining a new class of formal languages called standard knowledge languages (SK languages) using systems theory.

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