Are We about to Experience the New Jerusalem?

od Tlhagale, Jacob Rapoo
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Tlhagale, Jacob Rapoo Are We about to Experience the New Jerusalem?
Tlhagale, Jacob Rapoo - Are We about to Experience the New Jerusalem?

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Background of New Jerusalem. The text of Revelation 21: 1-22: 5 is assumed to be part of the traditional canon of Scripture. Thus, there is an assumption of progressive revelation (Genesis to Revelation) and a constancy of 'inspiration' (2 Tim 3:15). Whilst a brief and cursory explanation will be done on certain key elements of the chosen text, the method followed will be far more biblical theological where relevant passages of Scripture are engaged to develop the theological thought, as the text is engaged grammatically, historically and theologically. This will cover comparatively old Testament, New Testament and Apocalyptic passages.the will not be a direct engagement with the millennial traditional models of eschatology. however, the implications for all these views will be obvious to those reading this article from the perspective of any one of the models. The approach will be far more eclectic in nature, allowing the interaction of text and text to create a fresh and challenging perspective through this eschatological subject with its implications for life (2 Peter 3:11).


Tlhagale, Jacob Rapoo

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Rev. Jacob Tlhagale is a minister in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa for over 30 years. He also served as a Chaplain inthe defense force of South Africa, as well as director of Semonkong Care Center in Lesotho. Jacob is married to Queen and are blessed with two children, Tshepo and Gloria. They have lovely grand dautghters- Skyler & Bianca.
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