Rape Culture, Gender Violence, and Religion - Interdisciplinary Perspectives

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Springer International Publishing Rape Culture, Gender Violence, and Religion - Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Springer International Publishing - Rape Culture, Gender Violence, and Religion - Interdisciplinary Perspectives

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This volume explores the multiple intersections between rape culture, gender violence, and religion. Each chapter considers the ways that religious texts, theologies, and traditions engage with contemporary cultural discourses of gender, sexuality, gender violence, and rape culture. Particularly, they interrogate the multifaceted roles that religious texts and teachings can have in challenging, confirming, querying, or redefining socio-cultural understandings of rape culture and gender violence. Unique to this volume, authors explore the topic from a range of disciplinary perspectives, including anthropology, theology, biblical studies, gender and queer studies, politics, modern history, art history, linguistics, religious studies, and English literature. Together, these interdisciplinary approaches resist the tendency to oversimplify the complexity of the connections between religion, gender violence, and rape culture; rather, the volume offers readers a multi-vocal and multi-perspectival view of this crucial subject, inviting readers to think deeply about it in light of the global crisis of gender violence.

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XVI, 222 p. 1 illus.
Spis treści:

Chapter 1: Introduction – Caroline Blyth, Emily Colgan, and Katie B. Edwards

Chapter 2: It’s All about Eve: Women’s Attitudes to Gender-Based Violence in Samoa – Penelope Schoeffel, Ramona Boodoosingh, and Galumalemana Steven Percival

Chapter 3: The Impact of Colonization and Christianization on Gender Violence in the Pacific Islands – Jean Louis Rallu

Chapter 4: Thursdays in Black: Localized Responses to Rape Culture and Gender Violence in Aotearoa New Zealand – Harriet Winn

Chapter 5: Violence of Mind, Body, and Spirit: Spiritual and Religious Responses Triggered By Sexual Violence during the Rwandan Genocide – Breann Fallon

Chapter 6: Rape Culture in Sermons on Divorce – Valerie Hobbs

Chapter 7: “Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts”: Transphobia, Symbolic Violence, and Conservative Christian Discourse – Caroline Blyth and Prior Tadhg McRae

Chapter 8: LGBT Affirmation and Identity in Christian Teachings and Church Communities – David Hare

Chapter 9: A Theology of Rape: Plundering the Woman’s Body in Deut. 21:10-14 and Louis John Steele’s Spoils to the Victor – Caroline Blyth and Jane Davidson-Ladd

Chapter 10: Reinscribing Rape: Tracing Connections between the Experience of Women and Land in Biblical and Contemporary Texts – Emily Colgan

Chapter 11: Rabbinic Understandings of Marital Rape in the Talmud – Mari Rethelyi

Blyth, Caroline;Blyth
Colgan, Emily;Colgan
Edwards, Katie B.;Edwards
Examines diverse articulations and interpretations of gender violence and rape culture from various interdisciplinary contexts.

Features contributors from a range of disciplines.

Explores the ways that geographical and cultural locations can shape and direct interactions and the responses to rape culture.

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Springer International Publishing
Caroline Blyth is Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Auckland. She is co-editor of the Bible and Critical Theory journal, as well as founding member of the Shiloh Project, an interdisciplinary research group studying gender violence and religion.
Emily Colgan is Lecturer in Theology at Trinity Methodist Theological College, Auckland, and contributor to the Shiloh Project.
Katie B. Edwards is Director of the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies and Senior Lecturer in the School of English, University of Sheffield. She is current co-editor of the Biblical Reception journal, and founding member of the Shiloh Project.
"Rape Culture, Gender Violence, and Religion: Interdisciplinary Perspectives represents a collection of works by differing authors that delves thoroughly, yet succinctly, into the historical and contemporary perspectives surrounding gender violence throughout religious texts and customs, with a plethora of research behind them. ... The collection addresses issues relevant to areas such as theology, biblical and literature studies, gender and women's studies, as well as psychology and healthcare." (Abigail F. Smith, Journal of Interprofessional Care, jicareblog.org, September, 2018)
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2018
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