The Bongani Sitole Experience

od Mostert, Andre
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Mostert, Andre The Bongani Sitole Experience
Mostert, Andre - The Bongani Sitole Experience

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Oral traditions and oral literature have long contributed to human communication. The advent of arguably the most important technology, the written word, altered human ability to create and develop. However, this development for all its potential and scope created one of the most insidious dichotomies. As the written word developed so too the oral word became devalued and pushed to the fringes of societal development. One of the unfortunate outcomes has been a focus on the nomenclatures associated with orality and oral tradition, which although of importance, has skewed where the focus could and should have been located, namely, how to support and maintain the oral word and its innate value to human society in the face of what has become rampant technological developments. It is now ironic that technology is creating a fecund environment for a rebirth of orality. The study aims to mobilize technauriture as a paradigm in order to further embed orality and oral traditions coherently, and embrace this changing technological environment.


Mostert, Andre

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Andre M. Mostert is a research associate at the School of Languages,Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.This book was part of his Master's thesis. Andre's interests focus on entrepreneurship and enterprise in schools, the use of ICT in education and training, and the role of ICT in promoting the capture and dissemination of oral poetry.
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