The New International Money Game

od Robert Z. Aliber
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Robert Z. Aliber The New International Money Game
Robert Z. Aliber - The New International Money Game

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The International Money Game has been fully rewritten to take account of changes in the world economy. It provides a comprehensive overview of international financial developments, including both the structure of payments arrangements and the series of credit and asset bubbles as well as financial crises.


Robert Z. Aliber

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XIV, 355 p.
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Introduction A System is How the Pieces Fit The Name of the Game is Money PART I INTERNATIONAL MONETARY ARRANGEMENTS, MONEY, AND POLITICS Gold - How Much Is a 'Barbarous Relic' Worth? The Gnomes of Zurich Play in the Largest Market in the World 'The Greatest Monetary Agreement in History' Radio Luxembourg and the Eurodollar Market are both Offshore Stations The Dollar and Coco-Cola are both Brand Names They Invented Money So They Could Have Inflation Global Imbalances and the Persistent US Trade Deficit Five Asset Price Bubbles in Thirty Years- A New World Record Another World Record Four Financial Crises in Twenty Five Years Central Bankers Read Election Returns, Not Balance Sheets Monetary Reform Where Do the Problems Go When They're Assumed Away? PART II THE COST OF 100 NATIONAL MONIES Globalization 1.0 - The Silk Road to Asia and the Salt Caravans Across the Sahara Taxation, Regulation, and the Level Playing Field Banking on the Wire The Reverend Thomas Malthus, the OPEC Cartel, and the Price of Energy from 1800 to 2100 The World Market for Bonds and Stocks MBSs, ABSs, CMOs, CDOs, Zeros, Swaps, Options, and Credit Default Swaps The Revolution in Finance Why Are Multinational Firms Mostly American? Japan The First Superstate China The Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla From Marxist Command Economies to Market Capitalism Fitting the Pieces Once Again Index
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Palgrave Macmillan UK
ROBERT Z. ALIBER is Professor Emeritus of International Trade and Economics at the Booth Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago. He has been the Houblon-Norman Fellow at the Bank of England, the National Westminster Bank Professor of International Finance at the London Business School, a visiting scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies in Washington, and the JPMorgan Prize fellow at the American Academy in Berlin. Among his previous books are The Multinational Paradigm, National Monetary Policies and the International Financial System, and Your Money and Your Life. He brought out the fifth edition of Charles P. Kindleberger's Manias, Panics and Crashes.

'Luckily for all of us, Bob Aliber has updated his monumental work - again. Since so much has happened since the last edition, there was much updating to do, and Aliber has done it well. Isn't it impossible for a book to be a basic, if not encyclopedic, reference work and yet still be sprightly written? Apparently not, for Aliber has done it again.' - Alan S. Blinder, Princeton University, US

7th ed. 2011
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