Opportunities and Challenges at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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Palgrave Macmillan US Opportunities and Challenges at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Palgrave Macmillan US - Opportunities and Challenges at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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In this edited collection, the authors grapple with both the strengths and challenges that HBCUs face as the nation's demographics change, from their place in American society and growing diversity on HBCU campuses to class and elitism issues to study abroad and honors programs.

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Gasman, M.;Gasman
Commodore, F.;Commodore
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Palgrave Macmillan US
Ufuoma Abiola, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Jacqueline Amparo, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Joseph Barone, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dennis Daly, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Tiffany Decker, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Christian Edge, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Paola 'Lola' Esmieu, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Yulanda Essoka, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Alexandra Iannucci , St. Joseph's College, USA
Brandy Jackson, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Channing Johnson, Tougaloo College, USA
Andrew Martinez, Cornell University, USA
Sarah Mullen, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Matt Nelson, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Sakinah I. Rahman, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Phillip Scotton, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Atiya Strothers, Rutgers State University, USA
Quinton Stroud, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Tyree Williams, University of Pennsylvania, USA
"This is a very thoughtful and informative collection of essays that tackles familiar issues and uncommon topics. It explores the multi-faceted diversity of Black college campuses and adds value to the rapidly expanding scholarship on an important sector of higher education." - Alvin J. Schexnider, former chancellor of Winston-Salem State University, USA, and author of Saving Black Colleges (2013).

"Whereas the scholarship on HBCUs is limited, what is available typically paints them with a broad-brush stroke that is not always favorable. Luckily for those of us that understand the unique features of these institutions, Gasman and Commodore have done a masterful job of presenting a balanced and fair assessment of these schools. Their use of qualitative data in the context of quantitative measurements offers concrete evidence that a deeper dive is required beyond that of graduation and retention rates in order to truly appreciate the intrinsic value HBCUs offer." - Nelson Bowman III, Executive Director of Development, Prairie View A&M University, USA

"Marybeth Gasman and Felecia Commodore have done something incredibly important with Opportunities and Challenges at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. They have provided an opportunity for a different set of voices from HBCU and higher education talent to be heard. This feat is not to be underestimated or ignored. I celebrate Marybeth and Felecia for not only producing this important literary contribution about HBCUs, but for also endeavoring to provide a platform for theses voices to tell their stories." - Michael J. Sorrell, Esq., President, Paul Quinn College, USA
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