Minimax Systems and Critical Point Theory

od Martin Schechter
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Martin Schechter Minimax Systems and Critical Point Theory
Martin Schechter - Minimax Systems and Critical Point Theory

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486,83 zł zawiera VAT
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Dostawa: między wtorek, 31 maja 2022 a czwartek, 2 czerwca 2022
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This text starts at the foundations of the field, and is accessible with some background in functional analysis. As such, the book is ideal for classroom of self study. The new material covered also makes this book a must read for researchers in the theory of critical points.


Martin Schechter

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Adnotacja do ilustracji:
XIV, 242 p.
Spis treści:
Preface.-.Critical Points of Functionals.-.Minimax Systems.-.Examples of Minimax Systems.-.Ordinary Differential Equations.-.The Method using Flows.-.Finding Linking Sets.-.Sandwich Pairs.-.Semilinear Problems.-.Superlinear Problems.-.Weak Linking.-.Resonance Problems.-.Rotationally Invariant Solutions.-.Semilinear Wave Equations.-.Type (II) Regions.-.Weak Sandwich Pairs.-.Multiple Solutions.-.Second Order Periodic Systems.-.Bibliography
Provides and introduction to a fast-growing field

Covers material not treated elsewhere

Presented by one of the foremost mathematicians in the field

Includes many examples and applications

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Birkhäuser Boston

From the reviews:

"The monograph has seventeen chapters and an extensive bibliography very useful for further reading. ... this is a very interesting monograph written by a well-known expert on min-max techniques and critical point theory. ... The monograph provides a comprehensive overview of a rapidly growing side of modern analysis and should be recommended as a valuable source to everybody-pure or applied mathematician, upper level graduate student-who is interested in critical point theory and applications to differential equations." (Salvatore A. Marano, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2010 e)

"The aim of the present book is to expose in a unified way some new methods and results ... . The book is rather elementary, being accessible to students with a background in functional analysis. ... The author proposes some very general and unitary approaches to find critical points and exposes them in a clear and sequential way. The book can be recommended for researchers in applied functional analysis, partial differential equations and their applications." (Cornel Pintea, Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Mathematica, Vol. LV (4), December, 2010)

"This clearly written monograph is devoted to some of the principal methods of critical point theory and its application to nonlinear systems with a variational structure. ... An index makes the use of the book more easy and the bibliography contains 160 references. ... In conclusion, the reviewer may recommend the book by Schechter as a very good reference for those seeking new, modern, and powerful techniques in the critical point theory approach of nonlinear differential and partial differential equations." (Vicentiu D. Radulescu, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1186, 2010)

Liczba stron:
The study of critical points has grown rapidly and has led to new applications in many scientific fields. This monograph covers the latest in the field. Topics include semilinear problems, Fucik spectrum, elliptic systems, sandwich pairs and more.

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