Labor of Love

od Rickie Fox
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Rickie Fox Labor of Love
Rickie Fox - Labor of Love

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I was born into a musical family on February 13, 1952 in Danville, Virginia. My father was a gifted guitar player and passed his love of music on to his children. I don\'t remember when I started playing, but it must have been when I was six or seven. My dad would drag me out in front of his musician friends to play and sing for them, and before I knew it, I was hooked. Since then music has been a major part of my life. I graduated from George Washington High School in 1970 and pretty much progressed into full-time music - - being on the road most of the time, having a great time, but not really accomplishing the things that a man of my age should be accomplishing. When I came off the road I began to realize that except for music, I had no skills or experience. I couldn\'t make a living playing music without traveling, which I no longer wanted to do. I tried a number of jobs over this period. I pumped gas, I worked in the local textile mill, I worked in an auto parts store. I even tried selling insurance. I taught guitar at a local store and at home and eventually went into the retail music business. None of these made me happy. On a dare from my wife, Sharon, I enrolled in LPN school at age 34 and the next year went to work as a nurse. After several years of this I went back to school and became an RN. This turned out to be the stability that my life desperately needed, and has allowed me to enjoy the music that I love so much. I received a calling into the ministry and attended Liberty Bible Institute at Liberty University for two years. I spent the next six years in full time ministry, and in 2005, returned to nursing, which I consider a ministry in itself. I have refocused on creating music. I am continually listening for a call back into the ministry, but right now my ministry seems to be out in the world. I have always felt like transferring musicianship from one instrument to another was just a technical problem and have had to prioritize according to need. I love playing all the rhythm section instruments, but have usually focused on guitar or bass guitar. I love recording and have done a fair amount of session work on various instruments with various artists. I have my own studio which is probably quite primitive by today\'s standards, but which meets my needs quite well. I look forward to years of making music and if my music is a blessing to just one person, it was all worth it.

Lista utworów

CD 1


'65 Love Affair (04:31) - Rickie Fox


Mona Don't Ya Wanna (03:39) - Rickie Fox


Heartbreak Again (04:07) - Rickie Fox


King of Mediocrity (04:10) - Rickie Fox


Soothe Me (03:22) - Rickie Fox


Little Man (03:37) - Rickie Fox


Double Lane Highway (03:04) - Rickie Fox


Labor of Love (04:18) - Rickie Fox


Blind Justification (04:01) - Rickie Fox


Stuck Here Blues (07:22) - Rickie Fox

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Rickie Fox
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Rickie Fox
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Audio CD

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