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Exploiting Eve Sideways
Exploiting Eve - Sideways

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Exploiting Eve's newest CD, 'Sideways', is finished and now available for your listening and purchasing pleasure. We know it's been a while since you've seen or heard from us so it makes us especially proud, after many trials and tribulations, to finally share what so many of you have been waiting for. We appreciate your patience and continued love. A CD Release Party and future Shows are to be schedule. ----- Exploiting Eve Changes Exploiting Eve was formed in 1997 and has steadily grown into a popular, industry acclaimed group with three full-length CDs to it's credit and hordes of faithful and fantastic fans. Many of you have been with us from the start and know we've gone through changes along the way. Changes are a part of life and we're going to share some of our latest changes with you here. Effective June 2004, after completing her studio work for 'Sideways', Janelle Barreto announced she would depart from Exploiting Eve to pursue a solo project. Janelle's contributions to the band have been tremendous and we wish her success with her future endeavors. It will be a challenge to continue without her but a tribute to her efforts that we do. Exploiting Eve's remaining members also branched out to other musical projects as work on 'Sideways' was being peformed. Vincent and Andres Ramos are excited to be exercising their love of music and performing by contributing their talents to the band Neverwonder. Find out all about the band and music at Michael Jost poured a lot of effort into the behind-the-scenes production and completion of 'Sideways', well after the individual music tracks were laid. He was instrumental in seeing the CD through to completion, forgoing time on his own solo project, which, with the release of 'Sideways', he is able to resume. More on Michael's solo work can be found at Victor Lozano is performing with a band called 'The Duds' and is also working with Vincent and Andres to compose music for independent artists. We hope you'll continue to support Exploiting Eve and it's artists. Andres & Vincent - Michael Jost - Victor Lozano - no website, send e-mail Janelle Barreto -

Lista utworów

CD 1


Sideways (04:09) - Exploiting Eve


Blue Cafe (04:19) - Exploiting Eve


High & Low (04:09) - Exploiting Eve


Hey Hey Hey (03:42) - Exploiting Eve


Renaissance (04:30) - Exploiting Eve


Intelligent Signs of Life (03:34) - Exploiting Eve


Come Along (03:34) - Exploiting Eve


Drown (03:58) - Exploiting Eve


Electrified (04:27) - Exploiting Eve


Status Quo (03:55) - Exploiting Eve


16th Floor (04:48) - Exploiting Eve


Too Bad So Sad (03:52) - Exploiting Eve

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Exploiting Eve
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Ex Eve
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Audio CD

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127,34 zł
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