Solid Earth and Gold

od Annette Summersett
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Annette Summersett Solid Earth and Gold
Annette Summersett - Solid Earth and Gold

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Annette Corrine Summersett was raised in the rural town of L'Anse located in the Northern part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She grew up singing all the time. Luckily her parents were supportive of her second language of vocal expression because they certainly got an ear full. Opportunities for singing performance were few and far between in her small town, but Annette was able to build a foundation through the likes of Church choir, National anthems, and of course, classic rock radio. It wasn't until college at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI that Annette figured out that she had something to say and she had the talent to express it musically. She picked up the guitar in 1999 and her song writing took off. She performed her early music to small crowds at coffee houses and open mic nights. The subject matter of her lyrics progressed from basic emotional release to human condition issues, politics, and more intricate storytelling,. As her vocal style and live performance experience grew, it became apparent that people were moved by her music. Her calling was obvious. Annette relocated to Los Angeles after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Communications. With no intentions of utilizing her degree she set out instead to pursue a career in music. Inspired by rockers like Neil Young, Led Zeppelin and Tom Petty, and moved by songstresses like Joni Mitchell and Sheryl Crow, Annette continued to hone her own unique style. Her voice took on nuances of the blues with a folk song sensibility and the deep growl of a rocker. She picked up the piano and harmonica to add some variety to her compositions. Many who have seen her have been pleasantly surprised by the vocal explosion that comes out of such a seemingly fragile, small-framed woman. However, this is the appeal of Annette Summersett. She is full of eclectic surprises, unique in her own right, with the perfect balance of vulnerability and confidence that gives her an attainable femininity. There is a power behind her voice that sets her apart, and a deeper lyrical journey that makes her relevant to the times we live in. -bio by Craig White.

Lista utworów

CD 1


Sabbatical Lake (03:48) - Annette Summersett


Magic Hour Contrast (04:30) - Annette Summersett


Solid Earth and Gold (04:09) - Annette Summersett


Primary Colors (03:52) - Annette Summersett


I Went Home (03:49) - Annette Summersett


Ones Like You (03:28) - Annette Summersett


Meltdown (04:04) - Annette Summersett


Mystery (04:19) - Annette Summersett


What a Week (05:09) - Annette Summersett


Americans Anonymous (04:40) - Annette Summersett

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Annette Summersett
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Annette Summersett
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Audio CD

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