Opposite Extremes

od Stochastic Theory
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Stochastic Theory Opposite Extremes
Stochastic Theory - Opposite Extremes

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105,89 zł zawiera VAT
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Dostawa: między wtorek, 31 maja 2022 a czwartek, 2 czerwca 2022
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Opposite Extremes is the second full-length disc from Madison, WI's STOCHASTIC THEORY, blending influences from everywhere from NEW ORDER to MESH to THE POSTAL SERVICE. This is electro-pop with an indie-rock edge, balancing dancefloor appeal with increasingly complex rhythms and arrangements accompanied by project founder Chuck Spencer's introspective lyrics. Featuring 10 new tracks, including a cover of R.E.M.'s classic 'Losing My Religion' and club remixes by Stochastic Theory and Caustic, Opposite Extremes begins where ST's breakout debut 'Soliloquy' left off - exploring themes of isolation, frustration, and uncertainty while picking up the pieces of a broken heart and a broken life. Far beyond the constraints of your typical ''synthpop'', Stochastic Theory is an increasingly original act on the electronic forefront and is steadily building a following thanks to inclusion on high profile live bills including ASSEMBLAGE 23, ICON OF COIL, and STROMKERN. Opposite Extremes will be released OCTOBER 10th on SONIC MAINLINE DISCS, home of THE GOTHSICLES, SENSUOUS ENEMY, & CTRLSHFT. Stochastic Theory has been a long time in the making. ST mastermind Chuck Spencer has been a premiere Midwest electro/industrial/synth DJ for over half a decade and, like many behind the decks, had the urge to create his own sound, what he wanted to hear. Starting in the fall of 2001, with encouragement from local artists like Eric Oehler (Null Device) Ned Kirby and Kelly Shaffer (Stromkern), and Scarymike, Kyle Gielow, and William Stitch (Polymorphous Perverse), Chuck jumped in head first to the genre he loves best: synthpop, prolifically creating tracks and developing ST's unique sound. Producing songs of lonliness, alienation and recovery, Chuck has delved into his own emotional troubles to spawn some of the most beautifully pained and vulnerable EBM-laden synthpop that the scene has heard in quite a while. While most of today's synth seems forced and passively insincere, listeners can easily relate with ST's peaks and valleys, emotional clarity and it's strangely therapeutic nature, vicariously both healing and opening the wounds again.

Lista utworów

CD 1


Conditional (05:28) - Stochastic Theory


No Illusions (04:13) - Stochastic Theory


OK (04:49) - Stochastic Theory


Losing My Religion (05:19) - Stochastic Theory


Here (03:39) - Stochastic Theory


Simple Choices (04:58) - Stochastic Theory


Don't Speak (04:03) - Stochastic Theory


In Time (05:07) - Stochastic Theory


Price of a Lifetime (03:30) - Stochastic Theory


All These Walls (05:04) - Stochastic Theory


Simple Choices (05:31) - Stochastic Theory


Here (05:16) - Stochastic Theory

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Stochastic Theory
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Sonic Mainline Records
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Audio CD

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105,89 zł
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