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Portable and practical - tablets are becoming more popular from year to year. These small all-rounders can even become sound systems with the SoundStrand Bluetooth - without the need for any cables. The tablet is securely housed on the foldable frame of the SoundStand and can be easily operated at any time. It connects to the speakers by Bluetooth in no time at all and delivers exceptional sound thanks to the digital amplifier. Alternatively, the Sound Stand can be connected via a standard audio connection to many smartphones, tablets and notebooks and operates for up to 10 hours by battery when on the road. Highly convenient. The SoundStand has been specifically designed for tablets such as the Apple iPad or Galaxy Tab from Samsung. It safely supports tablets like an easel. The SoundStand boasts premium material and workmanship, as well as a clever design. Folded, it is very small; when unfolded, it can hold a tablet, and thanks to its rubberized spots, will hold it securely. The two devices will form a compact unit that makes it even easier to enjoy movies and music videos. Sounds better. Enjoy wireless music streaming with strong bass and clear trebles. The built-in sound system with its digital amplifier will open up a new dimension in entertainment to you, providing optimum sound quality – be it for video chats, music, movies, or games. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is good for up to 10 hours of music. Likes all of them. The number of tablet PCs is increasing, and they are becoming even more popular. The folding SoundStand provides secure support for any tablet, as well as convenient operation. You can hook it up to your tablet in no time. Alternately, the SoundStand will connect to many smartphones, MP3 players and notebooks via its additional conventional AUX port. - Foldable frame for secure position and optimal usability. - Audio streaming by Bluetooth. - 2-way sound system with 5.0 W. - Digital amplification for exceptional sound. - AUX-In compatible with iPad, Galaxy Tab and many other tablets. - Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 10 hours.

Właściwości artykułu

Dane techniczne Cabstone 95197. Kanały wyjścia audio: 2.0, Moc wyjściowa (RMS): 5 W, Impedancja: 4 ?. Wtyk słuchawek: 3,5 mm, Wersja Bluetooth: 2.1+EDR, Profile Bluetooth: A2DP, AVRCP. Kompatybilna: - Apple iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod - Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S2/S3. kolor: Czarny. Rodzaj zasilania: Bateria, Technologia baterii: Akumulator litowo-jonowy (Li-Ion), Napięcie baterii: 3,7 V

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GTIN 4040849951978

Kolor Czarny

Numer katalogowy 95197

Cabstone 95197 głośnik dokujący


114,30 zł

Sprzedawca: Dodax EU

Data dostawy: pomiędzy 14 lipca (wtorek) a 16 lipca (czwartek)

Stan: Nowy

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114,30 zł
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